“This course takes a very different approach – I think you have to come with an open mind and heart and be willing to take risks, and be willing to change your approach to writing. For me it was more about changing the way you think and behave in your writing practice, rather than learning to write better through technique.”

“Paying attention to emotional blocks was very helpful. I did feel self indulgent about doing it, but actually there’s no denying that my confidence about my writing has improved a lot and I do think it is related to the course.”

“It made me realize that writing requires development in lots of different areas; technique of course, but also the artistic and emotional side.”

“The main progress I made was quite a leap. I had considered sending off my poems to publishers for months but had always given myself reasons and excuses for not doing so. I think ultimately it was the fear of rejection and failure. During the course I did send off poems to a publisher and now feel confident that I will be published. I no longer find as many excuses to tell myself that I am a rubbish writer or not good enough.”

“I think the other thing that I have admitted to myself, which I never allowed myself to do before (who knows why, but probably again associated with lack of confidence) is that I am a writer, and I want to be a published writer. I want to spend more time writing in a serious way. That was always a lingering denial. But now I accept and acknowledge that fact. And it’s a good feeling.”

“I’d not done any courses for a while and part of me thought I was just ‘off them’. But no, I looked forward to this every week.”

“My favourite aspect of the course was seeing the transformation in me and others. Seeing how high + hard we put barriers up and seeing them knocked down + the fruits thereof.”

“I liked the positive effects it seems to have had on me. I liked sharing fears and experiences with other writers and hearing their fears and experiences too.”

“It’s radical. A bit like essalen massage. It treats a writer more ‘as a whole’. Like in 5 Rhythms dance or whatever people say ‘the body has an intelligence of its own. Here it’s radical to tap for what we know is good writing.”

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