I’m Not a Real Writer

October 26, 2010

The belief “I’m not a real writer” is one of the biggest emotional monsters living in the writer’s psyche.

It’s not just new or unpublished writers who feel or think like this, ALL writers can sit in this category including those with several books under their name:  journalists who wish they could write fiction, romance novelists who think that aren’t literary enough, writers who have hang ups about their spelling or education, have day jobs unrelated to writing, or believe that they are too normal.

Do you want to change your mind?

Do you really want to change the belief that you have about your writing? Most writers want to improve their literary skills and can neglect the development of their writing headset. It takes dedication and self belief to finish (and send out) a novel, but boost your attitude along with your writing skills and you will be setting yourself up for success.

Why, What, When, Where & How

You are familiar with these questions when you develop plots and characters, now it’s time to use them on yourself.

Sit quietly, try to speak aloud and write down the answers

  • What is your definition of a writer? Why?
  • How much do you have to earn before you will consider yourself a ‘real’ writer?
  • What is it that is holding you back to becoming a real writer?
  • Who else has told you that you are not a real writer? Get specific, find out when and why.
  • Where were you when you first felt like you were not a real writer?

Feel good about why you write

Whether it’s activating the law of attraction or simply making yourself feel good, intrinsically you know that when you turn towards a better thought it improves your mood, enhances your energy and increases your motivation. Is it time to improve your thoughts about your writing ability?

Sit quietly, think positively and fill in the answers;

  • I write because…
  • I love writing because…

Change your negative energy

There is another way to change the way you react when that voice of negativity stops your pen mid flow.  We’re working on bringing you that as a free resource.  When it’s posted up, you’ll find the link here.

In the meantime, look at your lists of a) why you think you are not a real writer and b) why you love writing. Pick your favourite reason of why you love to write and stick it up near your writing area to remind you why you come back to the page.  Put the two lists together and understand your own limiting thoughts. It is only when you have accepted them that you can unpick them and move on.

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