Guest Blogging – A Personal Introduction

February 2, 2013

Guest Blogging is now exceptionally popular - but why?

Firstly it’s a great way to gain exposure on someone else’s blog.  Secondly by having a link back to your own website you are making your way up Google’s rankings.

But most importantly, if you are an writer, it’s a brilliant way to get your words out into the world. It can also be a way of earning some money from writing – but more on this over the next few weeks.

Here is a personal guest blogging experience from Lucy Daniel, a blogger from Manchester.


It is a particular thrill for me to be invited to be a guest blogger. I love writing with a passion that comes from my very core. Having the chance to leave my own little world and think deep thoughts on another blog creates an excitement in me that is hard to express.

How to be a guest blogger

Becoming a guest blogger isn’t as hard as one might think. The best way to meet this status is by getting to know other people in a blog network. There are many blogging networks like WordPress or Blogger that allow a person to easily read and comment on articles. Other blogs may not be part of a network, but these blogs have some type of comment system. If there is no way to comment, write to the blog owner and get to know him or her.

I pick blogs that I find interesting and start to read them. This isn’t just about reading the blog, but commenting and getting to know the blog owner and the usual commenting suspects. These relationships can bear fruit in different ways. One blogger I know asked me to be a guest blog writing about Fantasy based fiction. The owner of another blog asked me to co-write a column with her, and that now appears on both of our personal blogs.

What to write about

I love the fact that I’m rarely given a specific subject to write about. I can be as creative as I want while keeping the subject of the blog in mind. Since blogging is such a freeform experience, it isn’t hard to match one subject with another. For example, my experiences as a freelance writer can easily be used as a template on storytelling. My whole life is a story and all I have to do is write on my own experiences.

Experiences as a guest blogger

Life as a guest blogger is fun. I’ve written about video games, books I love, my love of writing, music, and many other subjects. I’ve not had a bad experience a guest blogger. The blogs I post to are usually eager for any type of content. There are occasionally a few bad eggs in the comment section, but those can easily be ignored. The people, who shouldn’t be ignored, however, are those with constructive criticism. Criticism isn’t always easy to take but it makes me a better writer.

 Lucy’s niche is  finance blogging and has written many articles on ppi claims . Find out more about her blogs @financeport.

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