Explanation for Absence

June 27, 2011

"Can't you tell I'm the son of a writer?"

No, we don’t have a sick note from our mothers.  But in case you were enjoying what we were up do, and hoping for a little more, a brief note about the silence.

The immediate aftermath of my much-desired book deal – coupled not long after with the awarding of my doctorate – has been to take my foot off the gas.  I’ve been working long and relentless hours for four years now, and it was time to take stock, re-orient myself, and award myself a little time off for good behaviour.

Kate, while usefully keeping us breathing through our tweet stream, was busy as a busy thing aiming to complete two significant creative projects at once – the novel, and the baby.  I can report that the baby was safely and joyfully delivered in a miraculously pain-free (and drug-free) homebirth thanks to the wonders of Hypnobirthing and EFT.  The close-to-done novel is awaiting the return of creative juices from womb to brain (which any writing women who have experienced pregnancy will appreciate).

Our interest in sharing with you some of the most powerful things you can do to tweak your writer’s psyche in a higher and more successful gear remains as strong as ever.  Though I’m manning (or womanning) the stall largely alone while Kate concentrates on her beautiful son, my intention over the next few months is to share in detail some of the psychological overhauls that I believe you may find the most useful in your own quest for increased writing success.

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The human mind is an astonishingly powerful thing.  If it can be programmed to deliver a pain-free birth experience (and Kate is living proof) it can most certainly be programmed to deliver your writing success.

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