Be the Writer You Dream of Being(TM)

Entries from Sylvia Plath's diary is unlike any other writing course you have ever experienced, or even heard of!  Despite Ros’s 14 years as a creative writing tutor for the University of Sussex and numerous other institutions, we don’t teach writing. We empower you with something much more valuable – a simple and effective way to remove the psychological blocks that are preventing your success.

If you dream of being a better or more successful writer - if you dream of sitting down to write and writing effortlessly, being confident in your abilities, seeing your writing get better and better, and perhaps even eventually earning a very good living from writing (rather than scraping by) - this course is for you.

We’ll be delivering the course in a number of new formats, so you can take just the modules that are relevant to you, or have the whole experience over a weekend or in a week-long writing retreat.  Sign up to our (very occasional!) newsletter in order to be notified as new courses, modules and one-off workshops are announced.  You’ll get our free 6-day mini course if you do.

For an example of what we offer in terms of stand-alone modules, see Fearless Readings for Writers

Happy writing!

Ros and Kate

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