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Whether you are an aspiring novelist, or a published author with several good novels to your name, you may not be the writer you dream of being.   If you can answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions below, we may be able to help.

  • Does the next level of success elude you?
  • Are you a ‘mid-list’ author but not a ‘name’?
  • Are you having trouble progressing with your current project?
  • Are you jealous of the success of others?
  • Do you always seem to miss out on the literary prizes?
  • Does it feel like nothing you do is good enough?
  • Is writing a pain rather than a pleasure?
  • Are you procrastinating?
  • Do you feel completely blocked?

Who are we?

I’m Ros Barber.  In 2007, I learnt a simple technique that helped me overcome the many challenges surrounding the writing of The Marlowe Papers – not least the fear that I was writing this novel in verse (surely a fool’s errand) and that it would therefore never be published.* I realised quickly that the technique would be very useful to other writers, and devised a 6-week course called ‘Be the Writer You Dream of Being’, aimed primarily at former creative writing students I had taught at the University of Sussex.

Kate Marillat joined the course as a student, and subsequently trained in the technique. She suggested we take it online and the Be The Writer You Dream of Being website was born. Since training in this technique, Kate launched a successful freelance writing career, and is the co-author of the highly anticipated book, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life which will be published by Hay House in September 2014.

We empower published and aspiring writers to end self-sabotage, dissolve limiting beliefs, and gain the success they deserve.   What we teach is both simple and practical, and once you have mastered it, practicing it daily will not only improve your success as a novelist but have positive knock-on effects on all other areas of your life, including finances, health and relationships. Working around our own writing careers, we offer individual one-to-one sessions in person and via Skype, and run occasional one-off workshops in this helpful technique. Longer courses/retreats are in the pipeline.

Former one-to-one clients include a internationally best-selling novelist now on book number six, a children’s poet whose first book won a major literary award, and an author whose first novel was bought for a six-figure sum and shortlisted for the Costa prize.  Issues dissolved included fear of bad reviews, fear of exposure, and fear of public speaking.  Client confidentiality is guaranteed.

If you would like to know more, explore this site, join our mailing list, or contact Us.

* The Marlowe Papers was published in the UK by Sceptre (Hodder) in May 2012 and in the UK by St Martin’s Press (McMillan) in January 2013. It was editor’s choice in the New York Times Book Review, and critically acclaimed in the UK by The Independent, The Financial Times, Time Out, The Sunday Express, BBC Radio 4′s Saturday Review and many others.  It made Books of the Year 2012 in The Observer and was joint winner of the Hoffman Prize.


Have You Ever Thought How Russian Can Help Better Writing?

It is clear that Russian is not an easy language. For an English speaker, it is something common to start learning Russian. First, the alphabet is very different. Moreover, there is a difference between how Russian words sound and how they are written. Therefore, many students are afraid of learning this language as they can easily make mistakes and lose interest in this language...

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